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Pro Heat Generator APU
Auxiliary Power Unit for Over the Road Trucks

Pro Heat® auxiliary power units (APUs)

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Welcome to the new generation of Class 8 Roadside Power and Comfort™ Systems from the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile Auxiliary Power Units (APU’s). PROHEAT GEN4 is the most reliable, rugged and serviceable unit on the market today.

With the PROHEAT GEN4 you can expect:

Air Conditioning and Heating for total climate control of your sleeper.
4000 watts of 115V household power for any on-board appliances.
40 amps of truck battery charging.
Engine preheating for cold weather starts.

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The GEN4 Complete with Multi-Function Driver Control Panel is designed for the trucker who wants the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to monitor the condition of the batteries and the ability to automatically start if the battery charge drops below a set point.



Proheat Shore Power is designed for the trucker who wants to plug their PROHEAT GEN4 into a standard 115V electrical outlet (Shore Power) and be able to use the Climate Control System (CCU) without having to run the Auxillary Power Unit (APU).



PROHEAT’s Independent Climate Control Shore Power (CCU) is designed for the trucker who wants comfort at his fingertips when parked at truck stops or rest stations providing electrical power hook-ups. The PROHEAT Independent Climate Control System is a low cost alternative to a complete Auxiliary Power Unit. The PROHEAT Independent CCU provides heating, cooling and battery charging anywhere there is a 115V electrical outlet.




Auxiliary power units (APUs)

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