Truck Generators for Over the Road Heating and Cooling Needs - Conforms to the "No Idle" Law

Auxiliary Power Units for Over the Road Trucks

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OPTI6800T- APU 6500 Watt Silent Truck Diesel Generator

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Power units for over the road semi trucks - conforms to the No Idle Law


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Summary of State Anti-Idling Regulations EPA420-S-03-002

AZAZ ST § 11-876Heavy duty diesel vehciles >14,000 lbs.5 minutes• Emergency vehicles • Traffic conditions • Need for driver to sleep in vehicle • Necessary for equipment (refrigeration)Not in SIP
CACA HLTH & S § 40720Marine terminals or ports processing 100,000+ containers/year30 minutes• Acts of God • Strikes • State/Federal emergencies • Unavoidable/unforseeable eventNot in SIP
CO (Denver)Denver Municipal Code Sec. 4-43Any motor vehicle10 minutes in any one hour• Ambient temperature <20o F for previous 24 hours • Ambient temperature <10o F • Emergency vehicles • Traffic conditions • Vehicle is being repaired/serviced • Take-off power for auxiliary uses • Vehicles engaged in traffic operationsNot in SIP
CTSec. 22a-174-18(a)(5)Mobile source engine3 consecutive minutes• Traffic conditions • Mechanical difficulties • Heating/cooling when necessary • Bring engine to OEM recommended operating temperature • Ambient temperature <20o F • Vehicle is being repaired/serviced • Aircraft, locomotives, marine vessels, lawnmowers, snow blowers, and small home appliancesIn SIP
CTNon regulatory school bus policySchool busesShut off engine immediately unless leaving within 3 minutes; AM start-up idling restricted to time recommended to reach engine operating temperature or defrost windows• To operate safety equipment • To maintain safe temperature for children with special needs • Ambient temperature <20o FNot in SIP
HI§ 11-60.1-34All motor vehiclesNo specified time• Vehicle is being repaired/serviced • Necessary for auxiliary equipment built onto vehicle • Loading/unloading passengers - not to exceed 3 minutes • Build up op pressure/cooling down of engine - not to exceed 3 minutesNot in SIP
MD§ 22-402Motor vehicles5 minutes• Traffic conditions • Mechanical difficulties • Necessary for auxiliary equipment installed on vehicle • To bring vehicle up to OEM’s recommended engine operating temperatureIn SIP
DCTitle 20, Reg 900.1Diesel/gasoline vehicles3 minutes• Necessary for auxiliary equipment installed on vehicle • To operate AC for 15 minutes on bus with 12 or more people • To operate heating equipment when temperature is <32o FNot in SIP
MAChapter 90, Sec. 16AMotor vehicles5 minutes• Vehicle is being repaired /serviced • Delivery vehicles in which engine power is necessary • Vehicles in operation for which associate power need is requiredIn SIP
MN§ 123B.885Diesel school busesN/A (must minimize toNoneNot in SIP
extent practical the idling of
school bus engines)
MN (St.Section 706Motor vehicles5 minutesN/ANot in SIP
Cloud) (within specified 2
block area of city)
MO (St. Louis)Ordinance 64749DMotor vehicles10 minutes• Emergency vehiclesNot in SIP
MT (LewisRule 3.101Diesel or locomotive2 hours in any 12 hour• When a Board of Health variance isNot in SIP
& Clark engine operatingperiodgranted
county) when health
department declares
air quality is poor
NVNAC 445B.576Diesel truck or bus15 minutes• When a variance is issuedNot in SIP
• Emergency vehicles • Removal of snow
• Used to repair or maintain other vehicles
• Traffic conditions
• During repair/maintenance • Emission is treated and contained by method approved by commission • Engine must idle to perform a specific task (e.g., drilling)
NHEnv-A 1101.05Diesel/gasoline vehicle5 minutes >32o F 15 minutes >-10o F & <32o F No limit <-10o F and no nuisance created• Traffic conditions • Emergency vehicles • Takeoff power for auxiliary uses • Vehicle is being repaired/serviced • Operated solely to defrost windshieldNot in SIP
NJ7:27-14.2Diesel powered motor vehicles3 minutes 30 minutes for permanent vehicle at business 15 minutes for vehicle stopped for >= 3 hours• Emergency vehicles in an emergency situation • Emergency vehicle of GVWR >18,000 lbs transporting property on public road • Diesel bus while loading/unloading • Traffic conditions • When auxiliary power is needed for other equipment or climate control • Being inspected by State/Federal inspector • Vehicle is being repaired/serviced • Detach/exchange trailer • Light duty diesel vehiclesIn SIP
NY§ 217-3.2, 3.3Diesel bus or truck5 minutes• Traffic conditions • If regulation already exists to maintain conditions for passenger comfort • During maintenance • To provide power for auxiliary purpose • Emergency vehicles • Mining/quarrying on own property • Temperature <25o F if motionless for 2 hours • Diesel waiting to undergo a roadside emission inspection • Hybrid electric engine charging batteriesNot in SIP
NY (NYC)NYC Code § 24-163Motor vehicles3 minutes• Emergency motor vehicles • Loading/unloading • Temperature <40o FNot in SIP
PA52 P.S. & 701-223-ADiesel powered equipmentN/ANoneNot in SIP
PA (Philad.)Reg. IXHeavy duty diesel vehicles >8,500 lbs, or passenger carrying capacity >122 minutes 0 minutes for layovers 5 minutes <32o F 20 minutes <20o F 20 minutes for buses with AC and non-openable windows and >75o FNoneNot in SIP
TX (Houston/ Galveston)Sec 114.500-114.509Diesel/gasoline motor vehicles GVWR >14,000 lbs5 minutes April 1 - Oct 31 30 minutes for heat/AC for transit and school buses• Traffic conditions • Vehicle is being repaired/serviced • Solely to defrost windshield • Power source necessary for mechanical operation other than propulsion • Airport ground service equipment • Emergency vehicles • Owner of vehicle rented or leased to another who is not employed by the ownerIn SIP
UT (Salt Lake City)Health Dept. Reg. #28.6.8Diesel vehicles15 minutes• Supply power to a refrigeration unit • Supply heat/AC to sleeper cab • Emergency vehiclesNot in SIP
VA§ 46.2-1224.1, 9 VAC 5-40-5670B&CBuses when unattended, parked, or stopped10 minutes• Traffic conditions • Vehicle is being repaired/serviced • School buses • Public transit busesIn SIP


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